Press Release: Seohunk International Announces Corporate Rebrand To SHILABS

2 Apr , 2018   |   by

Bhubaneswar, Odisha., Feb 2, 2018

Seohunk International, LLP, Worlds Local Digital Marketing Company, specialized in providing SEO services, today announced a corporate rebranding and name change to SHILABS, emphasizing its new identity as a company providing customized digital marketing solutions to businesses.


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5 Reasons: Why Google Search Result Varies

21 Nov , 2017   |   by

Being a Google user, you may be well-versed with a weird phenomenon: over time, there is a variance in the Google search results, when using the same devices, browsers and search terms. If you are not familiar with the constant change in the algorithms of search engines and attribute them to being a simple error, you are wrong. These are intentional and may pose to be a problem for general users, advertisers, and businessmen.

Moreover, as a user, if you are logged into Google accounts there may be a difference in results. These are based on your past browsing history and geographical location – details needed when registering the accounts. Many times, the users will witness that the Google accounts registered on particular postal addresses will show business within that locality on top of the SERPs.


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Google’s big, new tech launch had lots of SEO #fails

2 Aug , 2017   |   by

Google fail

Hot on the heels of Google’s announcement that it has built a job search engine comes Hire, Google’s new recruiting management tool.



Top 10 Questions: When You Planning To Move On Social Networking Channels

9 May , 2017   |   by

Social Media Marketing Plan

There is an adage which poignantly explains the importance of planning. The saying is something like this. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning is of paramount importance if you propose to use social media channels for the purpose of marketing. This, in turn, explains the significance of the age-old saying about not working to a precise plan. Strategizing and planning are of utmost importance if you have to use the social networking channels for the purpose of promotion and marketing.


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The Need of SEO is Sky high today’s Businesses: an Insight

2 May , 2017   |   by

The Epic Rise of SEO

SEO is the talk of the generation. It is the leading tool for businesses to reach out to their audience, breaking geographical barriers. It occupies a very important position in the agenda of leading manufacturing and services sector companies. As such, there needs to be a tactical and alert approach to handling matters concerning this domain.


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A 61-Point Website Checklist to Avoid Pesky Content Failures

28 Feb , 2017   |   by

Henrietta's checklist

Courtesy: enchantingmarketing.com

Your head is spinning.

How many web pages do you need?

What do you write on each page?

How do you get people to buy from you or to get in touch?

Each question brings up more questions. Each web page gives you a headache.

Are you feeling tired yet? Do you want to give up your website project? Or delay it until next year?

Creating a new website or updating an existing one can feel like a nightmare. But your web project doesn’t have to be so difficult – as long as you have a simple checklist.

Use the list below to avoid content failures and to create a website that’s both engaging and persuasive.

This checklist includes:

  • How to plan your content
  • Specific tips for your home page, about page, contact page, service or product pages, and your blog
  • How to revise and edit your content to make it engaging
  • Web conventions you must not break
  • Crimes against readability you must not commit
  • SEO tips for your content

Let’s start with your overall content plan.




Google Shutting Down Site Search

Google Shutting Down “Site Search”

24 Feb , 2017   |   by

Introducing Google Cloud Search: Bringing the power of Google Search to G Suite customers

Every day, people around the globe rely on the power of Google Search to access the world’s information. In fact, we see more than one trillion searches each year. As we continue to invest in new cloud-based technologies like machine learning to power our web search engine, we want to help businesses harness the same technology to search for internal information. Today, we’re announcing Google Cloud Search (formerly known as Springboard), a new product that uses machine intelligence to provide a unified search experience across G Suite.



Sales Email Template: How to Write Emails People Want to Respond To [SlideShare]

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How to Be Productive After a Long Weekend

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Image courtesy:blog.hubspot.com


What could be better than a three-day holiday weekend? Whether you decide to staycation at home or take advantage of the time off by visiting a new place, most people would agree that getting an extra vacation day is a good thing.

The trouble is, once you get back into the office to a deluge of emails and only four days left to get your job done, it can feel overwhelming.



How Organic Traffic Converted to Direct – A Case Study

21 Feb , 2017   |   by

Hello Folks, I gonna share my own experience to understand how Google counts a direct traffic. I found a major fall in organic traffic on 2nd February for one of my project. I did a deep research on this and would like to share my research things.

My organic traffic was normal since 31st January but suddenly I found it was dropped to 50% in 1st of February.

I started digging my well and here are the roots of my research things.


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